New Project Release coming this Summer

Watch out for the new project coming late this summer. Its a collaboration with Jay and Oliver Groenewald. They are thinking of calling it "Blue Jay". This is a pic of Jay with Oliver Groenewald's NewNet on FaceBook. Check out his site here.




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Japan Tour 2018

Hi all you jazz cats in cyber land! I will be making the trek to the land of the rising sun again this April. We will be doing some small combo gigs as well as some big band concerts at some great venues in Japan. Check my gigs page for specifics the gigs. I will be posting photos and videos from the tour here so check back soon. 

Live Casual Performances at Barca and Latona

Jay has a couple of regular gigs these days. He plays often at Barca, the Latona and Tula's Jazz Club. Check the gigs page for more info. This video doesn't feature either of those places but it does have some burning jazz from the Ballard Jazz Fest last year.